We accelerate tomorrow's successful companies as we grow with today's startups.

We connect global talent with European Venture Capital through an ecosystem of open innovation, where entrepreneurs put the soul and we put the skin in the game.


Accelera Ecosystem

We designed a unique environment of open innovation, cross-pollination and Venture Capital, where barriers of global mobility don’t exist and entrepreneurs from all over the world have access to funding and professional advice to help them grow in the market.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or where are you from, but where you go and with whom. Under this idea Accelera creates an acceleration program with the aim of helping startups succeed as future SMEs.


Global reach at a local scale

At Crowe we help our clients in making smart decisions today that creates lasting value tomorrow.

Our team


Armando Belmar
Partner, Crowe Spain


Laura Catalan
Marketing, Crowe Spain


Gonzalo Conde
Co-founder, Clickypass


Luis Piacenza
Partner, Crowe Spain

TOPA 2.jpg

José Esteban Topalián
Partner, Crowe Argentina